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Why I do what I do.

More often than not, I see businesses needlessly losing sales by using headshots that don’t build trust. And it bothers me.

While some photographers are busy trying to create “art” and most others go through the motions, I make headshots that present my clients as professional, attractive, confident, trustworthy, and likable. 
First impressions are hard to change, and headshots often form them.

If you’re selling a service, you’re selling trust. The internet is like a giant Match.com, and your headshot is vital to your “profile.” You’re competing with other businesses to attract new clients deciding who to reach out to. They’re searching, and they’re comparing you to others. They have MANY choices.

If you provide a service, people want to know who will be providing it. They don’t want to deal with a faceless business. They want to know: Should I trust these people? Do they appear competent? Perhaps even; would I like being with them?

If your headshots aren’t professional, people question your confidence. After all, if you don’t show enough faith to invest in yourself, why should anyone else have any confidence in you?

You need headshots that make your team appear professional, attractive, confident, trustworthy, and likable. If you don’t have them, buyers will likely take their business elsewhere.

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