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You've only got one chance to make a first impression.

So your images must communicate confidence, likability, and trust. Many buyers check several websites when deciding where they’ll take their business, and your headshots influence their first impression. If you’re selling a service, you’re selling a relationship. People don’t want relationships with faceless corporations – they want relationships with people, people they feel comfortable with, people they trust.

You have to think of the internet as a giant dating site.

The internet is a giant match.com, and your website is your “listing.” You’re competing with other businesses to attract clients that are deciding who to “ask out” (someone they’d like to do business with). They’re searching, and they’re comparing you to others. Others that are just a keystroke away.

If you provide a service, people want to know who will be providing it. They want to know: Can I trust these people? Do they appear competent? Perhaps even, would I like knowing them?

You need headshots that make you appear confident, professional, attractive, and likable. If you don’t have them, they’re likely to take their business somewhere else that does.

What most photographers don't want you to know.

It’s professional photography’s dirty little secret . . . In addition to beautiful lighting and great color, the best images that you see are almost always enhanced and retouched. . . even supermodels

The best photographer in the world can’t deliver perfection unless the subject is perfect . . .  and they never are.

To create the high-quality images that you need, your photos will probably require some enhancing and retouching. It’s only a question of who will do it and how well.

What makes Rich's images different.

Rich is internationally recognized both as a commercial advertising photographer and as a Photoshop expert. His retouching skills are so refined and subtle that many subjects don’t even realize their image has  been retouched. They just know they look great.

His clients range from non-profits to multinational corporations.

Rich doesn't delegate the work

Unlike many photographers, Rich does all of the photography and retouching himself, never delegating either to employees. You’re encouraged to compare his business headshots side by side with those from other photographers you’re considering. Then ask yourself which presents people that you’d feel most comfortable doing business with.

You'll be delighted. . . he guarantees it!

He hasn’t had a single return for over 14 years and 1800 assignments.

Most jobs require no advance payment.

Let Rich enhance your image.

E-mail or call Philadelphia photographer Rich Quindry at 215-368-9260 during business hours to discuss your project. He’ll be happy to let you know if he’s available, and provide you with an estimate when he knows all the details.

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